Gluten Free Menu

Along with Gluten Free, SassyCakes also proudly makes all other allergy specific baked good! Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegan!

We currently offer the following selection with 48hr notice required:

Prices are listed per dozen



*  All of the SassyCakes cupcake flavors are available by order. Standard- $39.95 mini – $17.95

*  Specialty cakes in variety of flavors (price varies by size and detail)

*  Pumpkin Spice, Cherry, Blueberry and Apple Pies standard 9″ $39.95

* Chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia or sugar cookies  $34.95

*mini pavlovas $45.95

* Decadent brownie $45.95

*Gluten Free Oreo Pops- $18.95

*Cake pops $32.95