Cupcake Featured Flavors 1

Week of August 17th

Monday 10-3

        Cream Cheese Carrot Top, Red Velvet Runway and Chocolate Caramel Swirlz

Wednesday 10-3

   Key Lime Cream Pie, Cookie Dough Surprise Me, Red Velvet Runway

Friday 10-5

 Cookies and Cream Delight, Key Lime Cream Pie, Strawberry Blonde Supreme, Cookie Dough Surprise Me, Mocha Make My Day

2550 Goodlette Road North, Suite 2 Naples, FL 34103

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One thought on “Cupcake Featured Flavors

  • Cailin

    These cupcakes were delicious! We had the red velvet, the chocolate caramel and the carrot cake. They were very moist. I loved the cream cheese based icing and my husband loved the cake. The carrot cake was our favorite of these three, but we will definitely be trying some other flavors! Thank you!